Dec 22, 2008

Internet Safety for Elementary Students

This month I am focusing on Internet safety with my 4th and 5th grade students. I found some great resources to use. The Safe Side web site has a great video with John Walsh (America's Crime Fighter) and Julie Clark (founder of Baby Einstein) about being safe on the Internet. The video is funny and quirky and the topics and tips are perfect for elementary students. I bought this video, but I found out that you can rent this video through Netflix. The site also offers free resource guides for families and schools. Another great site to use is CyberSmart- with a whole curriculum for Internet safety, privacy, copyright issues, and cyberbullying for several grade levels. It is so important for all teachers, especially technology teachers to teach safety topics. Many of our students use the Internet daily for information, games, and socializing. Lets help keep them safe!
Other great sites:

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