Apr 30, 2010

New Educational Technology Blog

I no longer update or maintain this blog.  However, I have left it active since many users still access these resources. Please visit my new blog: Karen Ogen: i Teach with Technology. Thanks for following!

Mar 30, 2009

Venn Diagram

COMPARE AND CONTRAST! 4th grade students use venn diagrams to compare and contrast topics throughout the curriculum. In computer class, students have the opportunity to find out more about one of their classmates in this venn diagram lesson. First, students us a planning sheet to answer some basic questions like "What is your favorite ice cream flavor?" or "How many sisters do you have?". Then, the students mark the answers that are the same so that they know to place them in the overlapping section of the diagram. Students use Kidspiration to add the facts, images, and their school photo to complete the project. It is a fun project that covers many technology skills as well as classifying and organizing information.

Mar 6, 2009

Shamrock Stories

A MAGICAL TALE LIKE NO OTHER! My 3rd grade students are writing Shamrock Stories. They use Microsoft Word and the website to copy and paste shamrock words in place of typed words when they are available. Students practice copy/paste and engage in creative writing. The stories that my students have written usually are about shamrocks, magic, leprechauns, and gold, but students can write stories about anything they wish using the words on the shamrocks. These look great hanging in the hall in March!

Silly Snowman Stories

I'VE NEVER SEEN A SNOWMAN LIKE THAT! My 2nd grade students created a wacky snowman using Build A Snowman. This interactive site lets the user change hats, heads, clothing, feet, and even backgrounds, and objects. After lots of giggling, students made a snowman that I copied (print screen) and pasted into a word processing program. Students wrote about their snowman using as many descriptive words as they could in each sentence.

Who Am I?

WHO AM I? See if you can guess the who the famous person is as you view our PowerPoint flash videos on our school website. The 5th grade students researched a famous person using Bio4Kids, Presidential Biographies, American History Biographies, Fact Monster Biographies, or Spectrum Biographies. Then they created a guessing game using PowerPoint. The project has a title page, four pages of facts, and the answer on the sixth page. Our PowerPoint files were converted to flash videos using the FREE I-Spring converter.

Human Body Game Board

YOU FORGOT TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH! MOVE BACK 3 SPACES! My 3rd grade students made game boards to reinforce healthy life skills. If you land on a healthy event, like exercising daily, you will move forward. But beware, landing on unhealthy events like eating too many fatty and sugary snacks could send you back to the beginning.

Our game boards were created in Kidspiration, using a teacher created template. Students chose and added events, images (from the Kidspiration image library), and the colors of their gameboard squares. We printed the finished projects on cardstock and students played using a die and anything they could find for their game pieces.

Google Earth- This Is Where I Live

THIS IS WHERE I LIVE! My 4th grade students are learning geography skills, so we are using Google Earth in the computer lab. First, I taught them how to use Google Earth and how to find locations. The new 5.0 beta version has some great new features like the ability to look back at satellite images in history, to look at the stars and Mars, and to look underwater.

Next, we used Google earth to take images (print screen and paste) of the places that we live: Earth, The US, New Jersey, Marlton (our town), and the student's street/house. We copied and pasted these images into a PowerPoint project, one picture on a page. When all of the images were copied over, we printed our PowerPoint project in a handout view so that all 6 pages (including our title page) were printed on a single sheet of paper.