Dec 22, 2008

The Colors of Winter 2nd Grade Books

WINTER IS HERE! My 2nd grade classes are celebrating the Winter season by writing books. The winter season does not have to be all white and grey, the students see red sleds, purple boots, and green scarves. Each student drew a winter item and a color word using Kidpix. I brought each page into a PowerPoint presentation. As a class, the students recorded our book title. Then individually the students recorded on their own page about the colors they see in the winter. I used SlideBoom to record the PowerPoint presentation and uploaded the books to our school web site for the students to share with their family and friends. See and listen to our books here!

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Kim Frazier said...

How do you import individual Kid Pix drawings into one slideshow? I am a TRT and teach tech. lessons in a computer lab. Is there a way to compile Kid Pix creations into a slideshow when the students are each using their own computer? Thanks!