Dec 28, 2008

Who Am I? Silhouette and Acrostic Poem

DIGITAL CAMERA FUN! At the beginning of the school year my 3rd grade students create silhouettes of themselves using the digital camera. They then add a "Who Am I?" acrostic poem to their picture. The finished projects are displayed so that all of our students and staff can guess who each student is based on their picture and description. Those who figure out that the poem is an acrostic, figure out the identities quickly.

The details: 1. Take a digital photo of the student's profile with a plain white background. 2. Teacher edits out any background as necessary. 3. Students pull picture into PrintShop or similar program. 4. Students edit picture, removing brightness and increasing contrast until just a silhouette remains. 5. Students add an acrostic poem that gives clues about themselves!

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