Mar 30, 2009

Venn Diagram

COMPARE AND CONTRAST! 4th grade students use venn diagrams to compare and contrast topics throughout the curriculum. In computer class, students have the opportunity to find out more about one of their classmates in this venn diagram lesson. First, students us a planning sheet to answer some basic questions like "What is your favorite ice cream flavor?" or "How many sisters do you have?". Then, the students mark the answers that are the same so that they know to place them in the overlapping section of the diagram. Students use Kidspiration to add the facts, images, and their school photo to complete the project. It is a fun project that covers many technology skills as well as classifying and organizing information.


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Anonymous said...

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jimmy paul said...

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Shalin Siriwaradhana said...

Nice venn diagram, what is the diagram software you used to create it? How did you manage to add colors like that? Is it creately ?