Feb 2, 2009

Heart Shaped Writing for Valentines

Update: Visit my NEW site for updated Valentine's themed educational games for your classroom by clicking here!  Plus, find NEW and updated links to heart shaped writing tools here!

I LOVE WRITING! That is what my students say when we publish in a fun way. For Valentine's Day my 4th grade students used Microsoft Word to write about the things in their life that they love. Then they copied and pasted their text to the Party Printer online to create the heart shape. The web site does all the formatting for you!


cmtvarok said...


Thank you for this link. I've shared with all of the technology teachers in my district and we're anxious to use it. Funny thing, I checked this out when you posted it on Twitter before I realized we were neighbors! Thanks again!

Clever Karen said...

I love this idea! Thanks!

Diane Thuot-MacDonald said...

Thank you! I love this idea and I shall try it out.