Nov 24, 2008

Warholize Me

THIS IS MY 15 MINUTES OF FAME! The art teacher (Mille Watson) and I are teaching an enrichment class for 5th grade. Our topic is Andy Warhol and we have so many fun art and technology activities for the students to use. We are beginning the presentation with a great PowerPoint slideshow created by Mrs. Rouse of Rock Ledge Elementary in Wisconsin. Next the students take digital pictures of themselves in fun poses and we make them into Warhol style Pop Art using the Warholizer at Big Huge Labs! Finally, we save a clipart image that the students choose and make it into line art use BeFunky's Cartoonizer. We then pull the line art drawing into a label making program like The Print Shop. We use the image as the label and print 6-8 identical images on a page of card stock paper. The students then use different art media (pastels, watercolors, etc.) to color their images to make Pop Art! These fun online tools make learning about Andy Warhol and Pop Art so much fun!

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