Mar 6, 2009

Google Earth- This Is Where I Live

THIS IS WHERE I LIVE! My 4th grade students are learning geography skills, so we are using Google Earth in the computer lab. First, I taught them how to use Google Earth and how to find locations. The new 5.0 beta version has some great new features like the ability to look back at satellite images in history, to look at the stars and Mars, and to look underwater.

Next, we used Google earth to take images (print screen and paste) of the places that we live: Earth, The US, New Jersey, Marlton (our town), and the student's street/house. We copied and pasted these images into a PowerPoint project, one picture on a page. When all of the images were copied over, we printed our PowerPoint project in a handout view so that all 6 pages (including our title page) were printed on a single sheet of paper.


Barb Smith said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing it! That kills 2 birds with 1 stone--Google Earth & PowerPoint!!

Adding this to my plans for next year. Thanks again!

Nicole said...

This is a fantastic project! I'm using this with my 5th graders! Thanks!

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